"T5M Connect is owned by residents in North Glenora who want to do a new and innovative residential development at the corner of 139 Street and 109 Avenue. As fellow North Glenora residents, we want to see developments that generate positive social, environmental and financial value for our community. We know that infill projects never please everyone but we genuinely do want to undertake community engagement that listens and tries to address concerns of our neighbours. This site is one way to keep everyone up-to-date on what we are doing."

"Melissa and David Campbell have lived in Edmonton for most of their lives. After a brief stint living in Los Angeles, they returned to Edmonton and rented a home in North Glenora. They fell in love with the community and bought a home shortly after. They have since become actively involved in both the North Glenora Community League and Coronation School. They have 3 daughters who have attended Coronation School.

David is an experienced Multi-Family Builder/Developer and Melissa is a Speech-Language Pathologist and active community volunteer. They are passionate about building community and are excited to combine their passions and gifts to promote community development."

"Ryan and Michelle Young moved to North Glenora as renters in 2010 while Ryan attended university. They both quickly became involved in the community league and in Coronation school council where all three of their children attended. Two years later, they purchased a home and continue to be active in many activities within the neighbourhood. Michelle is a registered nurse and Ryan is an associate dean at one of Edmonton’s business schools."

Our Goals and Priorities

Build Community

We build multi-family residential units that are designed to enhance social connectivity, attract diverse people, and support local assets (like schools) by increasing density in existing neighbourhoods. Across the city, we can see that single family dwellings are being replaced by higher density residential units such as duplexes, row housing or garden suites. This transition is being promoted by the City of Edmonton because it helps reduce sprawl, lowers taxes (e.g. more efficient infrastructure) and helps to ensure the sustainability of local schools with increased enrolment. We also want buildings that attract diverse types of individuals. This is why our project in North Glenora has one, two and three-bedroom units including several wheel-chair accessible suites.

Environmental Leadership

We build for future generations. In other words, our buildings will strive for the highest levels of environmental sustainability and efficiency. This means that we are innovative and adopt the latest in building science. By doing so, we hope to build homes that become the new standard in environmental design. Our community has already been a trendsetter with Canada’s first net zero church and multi-family housing complex. We want to continue being leaders by being Edmonton’s first multi-family housing complex that meets Passive House standards. Strong environmental standards is something that we believe passionately in and we hope that this project will set a new benchmark for future developments not only in North Glenora but throughout Edmonton.

Honest and Authentic in a Responsible Manner

We are committed to adhering to the highest ethical standards in what we do. We do this through authentic community engagement, transparent partnerships, and honest negotiations. This is why we have spent nearly 5 months consulting with the community BEFORE submitting any rezoning or development applications. While we know that it will be impossible to satisfy everyone, we do try to address them as best as we can.


On July 29, Edmonton City Council voted unanimously in support of our DC2 rezoning application. We have since received a Demolition Permit and a Development Permit. We hope to begin demolition and subsequent construction in early fall.

We are dedicated to respecting the needs of neighbours throughout the construction process. If you have any concerns about the site during construction, do not hesitate to contact Melissa at:

melissa@t5m.ca or 780-982-8889.

Community Consultation

The following letter is a summary of how your feedback over the past year has been incorporated into our design and plans.

Get in Touch

This website will regularly be updated as our plans develop.

You can also reach us at info@T5M.ca or by stopping us on the street as we walk in the community nearly every evening.